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As fellow digital health entrepreneurs in the product development and engineering field, we built ScaleUp Healthcare as a digital health toolkit – a quick and easy source for the best software, tools, and practices available for accelerating roadmaps and building for scale.

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All ScaleUp newsletter articles are posted on the ScaleUp digital health blog. The blog is a great source for both current and past digital health articles. This week’s newsletter article could describe a tool or trick that you might not need right now but, a few months down the road, as your digital health startup scales, will be just what you need.

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Use our blog as a repository of digital healthcare startup tools, tricks and lessons learned. Any time you have a product or development task, run a few keyword searches through our blog to find relevant posts about tools and shortcuts that can help you reach your destination quicker.

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QuantiModo’s software development kit (SDK) can be easily and quickly integrated with your digital health app. Once integrated, you’ll be able analyze health metric data generated by your app and any other apps on your users’ smartphone to determine which behaviors and hidden factors are most influencing their ability to reach the goals you’re helping them achieve.

Our take: every health app can only see so much. QuantiModo not only allows us to get a more holistic picture of what’s going on in our users’ lives, but it also provides analytics-based insights, derived from that bigger picture view, that we can use to refine our engagement strategies and user journeys.

Every digital health app strives to keep people adherent, engaged, and using their app as a central resource for improved health and convenient health services. Healthcare Locator helps solve this for any app by connecting the app to a global database of verified healthcare providers and health systems.

This of it as an open source directory of healthcare providers that is constantly updated, giving your users access to HCP finder tools and visibility into available care nearby. A simple, easy to use feature that keeps your users coming back into your app for trusted health and wellness support.

A software development kit (SDK) that can be easily and quickly integrated with your digital health app. Once integrated, your app will be able to provide eye control (scrolling and clicking via users’ eyes) and collecting gaze data.

Our take: the eyes are the windows to users interests, passions, and attention. If you can see what grabs your users’ attention, you can keep it, improve engagement, and enhance the user experience.

Think of it as the easy button to integrate eye tracking and gaze analytics so you know which features of your product are driving engagement. It starts with where they are directing their attention, and SeeSo gives you that data, with an easy backend integration.

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Real-time, geolocation-based health event data

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